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Dental Hygiene Services

  • Dental Cleanings
  • Dental Assessment
  • Fluoride Varnish
  • Silver Diamine Fluoride
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Oral Hygiene Instructions with caregivers and family members
  • Teledentistry exam
  • Head and Neck Exams
  • X-rays Per Dentist request

Other Dental Services

** Dental Services provided by our Referring Dentists and Denturist **

  • Emergency Exams
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Root Canals
  • X-rays

Dental cleanings in your home

Bedbound individuals are at a disadvantage for many situations, such as coming into the dental office for routine cleanings every 3 to 6 months.

Our mobile dental services provide care for those patients who are unable to leave their home.

This is a much needed service and please help our patients stay healthy.

Our Mission

The mission of Everlasting Smiles 4 Ü is to provide dental care to residents who are homebound and bed bound in their own homes.

We work closely with each care giver, family member, and patient to establish excellent home care.

Paula Nguyen

Owner/Mobile Registered Dental Hygienist
Everlasting Smiles 4 Ü

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest and earned my Bachelors in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Policy at the University of Washington, I’ve long been aware of the need to build a more accessible society for those who are sick or disabled. By the time I graduated from Lake Washington Institute with my Dental Hygiene Degree and began my career in 2002, I’d begun to see firsthand the impact that lack of access to dental care can have, both on individuals and within communities. That has motivated me to engage in community outreach, focusing on underserved populations.

Around 2017, a best friend from my childhood became bedbound with cancer. Faced with the reality that many others in our community are in similar circumstances and unable to access needed care, I realized I’d found what I was meant to do. By the time I started my Mobile Dentistry in January 2018, my friend had passed away.

I have since dedicated my career to providing dental care to those who cannot leave their homes. This work is incredibly rewarding to me, as it is a much needed service that can have a real impact on a person’s quality of life.

In 2021, I was 1 out of 5 MouthWatch Teledentistry winners for the national Teledent Mobile Dentistry Accelerator Award in the US. The prize, a MouthWatch intra-oral camera, which has improved the Teledentistry process for those who are not able to leave their homes. I can show live video of a patient’s teeth to family members as well as to a remote dentist for consultation. With this, our team can offer an even higher standard of care and the access to oral care for the underserved is magnified.

In 2023, I humbly accepted the position as President of the Alliance of Dental Hygiene Practitioners “ADHP” to support other fellow hygienist in alternative practice like myself to bring more mobile dental hygiene services to our underserved communities.

Providing this care is a huge part of my life, but I also make sure to take time to enjoy being with my family, traveling, trying new restaurants, and playing the piano.

I consider it a blessing to have the opportunity to bring dentistry to your home. Thank you.


Featured on “The TeleDent™ Mobile Dentistry Accelerator Awards”

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DR.Cam and Paula. Thank you so very much for helping her teeth and putting a beautiful smile back on her face. I highly recommend DR. Cam and Paula for dental work for elderly parents. Thank very much.

Paula at Everlasting Smiles 4 Ü, is gentle, professional and is able to treat even the most difficult resident. I believe I have witnessed miracles here at Hiljay. Thank you again for your hard work. It’s a much needed service in our industry and I have waited 30 years for this to happen!

Thank you for providing world class care at home for my Father Leonard. We appreciate you so much!!

Paula is a professional who takes great care and passion for her clients. I only trust her with my teeth. You will not regret it and will want to have her in your life. She is amazing at what she does. I am a patient for life!
Thank you Paula for taking care of my dental care.

Thanks for being a Wonderful office!

Referring Dentists and Denturists

Dr. Vo

Dr. Vo

"The RDH is the unsung hero of the dental office, dedicated to promoting oral health and preventing disease with their skilled hands and compassionate hearts." #EverlastingSmiles4Ü

Dr. Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen

"A smile is the universal language of kindness and a healthy one is a reflection of the expertise and care of a dedicated RDH.Team #EverlastingSmiles4Ü!"

Jin, Mobile Denturist

Jin, Mobile Denturist

"Prevention is the key to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums, and the RDH is the gatekeeper of oral health." #EverlastingSmiles4Ü